Tied our LIFETIME best game, and my dad finally got us that elusive game home run to put on our record! WOO!

9/06/2018 1:22 AM

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Minute Maid Park


Ball #Ball TypeTimeLocationMethodPlayerNotePhoto
880PracticeAfter GameLower ThirdThrownAstros Bat boy 
879PracticeAfter GameLower ThirdThrownAstros Batboy 
878GameAfter GameLower ThirdThrownJeffery Nelson (Umpire) 
877GameDuring GameLF BleachersHitEvan Gattis 
876PracticeBP/Pre-GameLF BleachersThrownKohl Stewart  
875PracticeBP/Pre-GameLF BleachersThrownGabriel Moya  
874PracticeBP/Pre-GameLF BleachersHit   
873PracticeBP/Pre-GameLF BleachersHitMax Stassi  
872PracticeBP/Pre-GameLF BleachersHit   
871 PracticeBP/Pre-GameLF BleachersHit   
870PracticeBP/Pre-GameLF BleachersHit   
869PracticeBP/Pre-GameLower ThirdHitMax Stassi  

Number of Balls: 12

= Practice Ball      = Game Ball


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