Watching games and hawking balls!!!! Love the thrill of the catch and the thrill of the chase!!

11/25/2017 7:28 AM

Member Stadium Season
Ball #Ball TypeDateHome TeamVisiting TeamStadiumTimeLocationMethodPlayerNotePhoto
262PracticeSep 22, 2018Blue JaysRaysRogers CentreBP/Pre-GameLower FirstThrownJi man Choi  
241PracticeJul 4, 2018Blue JaysMetsRogers CentreBP/Pre-GameLower FirstThrownTodd Frazier  
239PracticeJul 4, 2018Blue JaysMetsRogers CentreBP/Pre-GameLower HomeThrownGlenn Sherlock (Coach)  
238PracticeMay 19, 2018Blue JaysAthleticsRogers CentreDuring GameLower ThirdThrownKevin Pillar 
237PracticeMay 19, 2018Blue JaysAthleticsRogers CentreBP/Pre-GameLower FirstThrownWilmer Font 
229GameApr 2, 2018PiratesTwinsPNC ParkDuring GameLower HomeThrown  
227GameApr 1, 2018OriolesTwinsOriole Park at Camden YardsAfter GameLower HomeThrownMarty Foster (Umpire) 
222PracticeMar 31, 2018OriolesTwinsOriole Park at Camden YardsDuring GameLower HomeThrown  
221PracticeMar 31, 2018OriolesTwinsOriole Park at Camden YardsDuring GameLower ThirdThrownJeff Smith (Coach)  
216PracticeMar 29, 2018Blue JaysYankeesRogers CentreBP/Pre-GameLower FirstThrownJason Brown  
215PracticeMar 29, 2018Blue JaysYankeesRogers CentreBP/Pre-GameLower FirstThrownDavid Robertson  
212GameSep 24, 2017TigersTwinsComerica ParkDuring GameLower FirstThrownBrian Dozier 
211GameSep 24, 2017TigersTwinsComerica ParkDuring GameLower FirstThrownJason Castro 
210PracticeSep 24, 2017TigersTwinsComerica ParkBP/Pre-GameLower FirstThrownMichael Tonkin 
187PracticeSep 21, 2017Blue JaysRoyalsRogers CentreBP/Pre-GameLower FirstThrownJacob Eigsti  
186PracticeSep 21, 2017Blue JaysRoyalsRogers CentreBP/Pre-GameLower FirstThrownRusty Kuntz (Coach)  
180PracticeAug 27, 2017Blue JaysTwinsRogers CentreDuring GameLower HomeThrownJeff Smith (Coach)  
179PracticeAug 16, 2017Blue JaysRaysRogers CentreDuring GameLower FirstThrownLance Barksdale (Umpire) 
178PracticeAug 16, 2017Blue JaysRaysRogers CentreDuring GameLower ThirdThrownTim Leiper (Coach) 
173PracticeAug 15, 2017Blue JaysRaysRogers CentreDuring GameLower FirstThrownJesus Sucre 

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