# 700 at Dodger Stadium Aug 30, 2018.

8/31/2018 2:50 AM

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Caught #499 and # 500 on the fly during batting practice in Right Field in Angels Stadium on Aug 18, 2016 from two unknown Mariners left handers.

WBC Ball 2017 during Ven vs Texas Rangers.

1st Home Run Ball that I got from a MLB Park at Chase Field on May 16, 2018 hit by Christian Yelich of the Milwaukee Brewers off Matt Koch in the 2nd inning.

WBC ball from Petco Park on 3/14/2017. It was thrown to me from a player/coach with the last name of Torres from PR. It is a pearl.

1st Ball of the season in San Diego. Thrown up by Joel Pineiro of Puerto Rico. Got to hang out with Leigh of San Diego, a good guy and excellent ballhawk.

Met Zach Hample at Yankee Stadium on 6/9/16.

Nice guy, very encouraging to veteran and rookie ball hawks. Had a very good conversation.

Well I got four baseball from Yankee stadium. i caught one on the fly from Albert Pujols on 6/9/16. It was a good day to ball hawk.

Nice meeting Nick, great conversation. A real personable ballhawk.

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