09/16/19: Tonight will be my final game of the 2019 season. Then I'm off to get married on 09/21. If the Oakland Athletics can clinch a home postseason game I would most likely attend one more game.

9/16/2019 3:37 AM

Member Stadium Season
Ball #Ball TypeDateHome TeamVisiting TeamStadiumTimeLocationMethodPlayerNotePhoto
85GameOct 2, 2019AthleticsRaysOakland ColiseumDuring GameLF BleachersThrownMark Canha  
84GameSep 15, 2019GiantsMarlinsAT&T ParkDuring GameRF BleachersThrown  
83GameSep 14, 2019GiantsMarlinsAT&T ParkDuring GameRF BleachersThrownAustin Slater  
82GameSep 13, 2019GiantsMarlinsAT&T ParkDuring GameRF BleachersThrown  
81GameSep 13, 2019GiantsMarlinsAT&T ParkDuring GameRF BleachersThrownMike Yastrzemski  
80 PracticeSep 13, 2019GiantsMarlinsAT&T ParkBP/Pre-GameRF BleachersHit   
79GameSep 9, 2019GiantsPiratesAT&T ParkDuring GameRF BleachersThrownMike Yastrzemski  
78GameSep 8, 2019DodgersGiantsDodger StadiumDuring GameCF BleachersThrownKike Hernandez  
77PracticeSep 8, 2019DodgersGiantsDodger StadiumBP/Pre-GameCF BleachersThrown   
76GameSep 8, 2019DodgersGiantsDodger StadiumDuring GameCF BleachersThrownKike Hernandez  
75PracticeSep 8, 2019DodgersGiantsDodger StadiumBP/Pre-GameCF BleachersThrownJeff Samardzija  
74PracticeSep 8, 2019DodgersGiantsDodger StadiumBP/Pre-GameCF BleachersThrownDereck Rodriguez  
73 PracticeSep 8, 2019DodgersGiantsDodger StadiumBP/Pre-GameCF BleachersHitStephen Vogt  
72GameSep 6, 2019DodgersGiantsDodger StadiumDuring GameCF BleachersThrownCody Bellinger  
71PracticeAug 30, 2019GiantsPadresAT&T ParkBP/Pre-GameOutside Park (Fair)Hit  
70GameAug 25, 2019AthleticsGiantsOakland ColiseumDuring GameLF BleachersThrownKevin Pillar  
69 PracticeAug 24, 2019AthleticsGiantsOakland ColiseumBP/Pre-GameLF BleachersHitBuster Posey  
68 PracticeAug 24, 2019AthleticsGiantsOakland ColiseumBP/Pre-GameLF BleachersHitEvan Longoria  
67PracticeAug 24, 2019AthleticsGiantsOakland ColiseumBP/Pre-GameLF BleachersThrownShawon Dunston  
66GameAug 9, 2019GiantsPhilliesAT&T ParkDuring GameRF BleachersThrownMike Yastrzemski  

85 Balls

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