Our season of Ichiro continued today! Four more Ichi bombs! 2006-2017 = 2 balls from Ichiro. 2018 = 26 balls from Ichiro! Long live Ichiro!

9/26/2018 4:08 AM

Friday, August 9, 2019

Safeco Field


Ball #Ball TypeTimeLocationMethodPlayerNotePhoto
1748PracticeAfter GameLower ThirdThrownChris Conroy (Umpire) 
1747PracticeAfter GameLower ThirdThrownChris Conroy (Umpire) 
1746PracticeBP/Pre-GameCF BleachersThrownGuillermo Heredia 
1745PracticeBP/Pre-GameCF BleachersThrownMariners Usher 
1744PracticeBP/Pre-GameCF BleachersThrownWade LeBlanc 
1743PracticeBP/Pre-GameCF BleachersThrownSam Tuivalala 

Number of Balls: 6

= Practice Ball      = Game Ball


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