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Hope everyone a great 2018 season

3/17/2018 8:07 PM

Still waiting for someone to verify my account.

3/14/2018 11:44 AM

Update: Currently @ Phoenix, AZ for spring training until March 18! Baseball is back, baby!

3/12/2018 7:42 PM

I just want to catch one ball this year. #HUGEGOALS

2/24/2018 11:09 PM

I love California and Baseball.

2/21/2018 11:24 AM

I'm only logging the games in which I got a ball at on this, so that's why the streaks are unusually long.

2/7/2018 9:52 AM

I am from Cincinnati and I am a rookie ballhawker.

1/24/2018 8:28 PM

Caught 2 major league home runs in my entire life David wright in 2010,Robinson cano in 2011

1/8/2018 5:06 PM

Jason Bristol did a story on my brother & I on August 16, 2012!

1/2/2018 8:54 PM

Ballhawking at Frontier Field, home of the Rochester Red Wings, Twins AAA. I also ballhawk Cape Cod Baseball Leauge games during July.

12/18/2017 4:58 PM

101 lifetime baseballs

11/28/2017 8:10 PM

Watching games and hawking balls!!!! Love the thrill of the catch and the thrill of the chase!!

11/25/2017 7:28 AM

2018 Goal: 275 balls total - 1 game homerun - 8 foul balls

11/14/2017 10:27 AM

Officially RETIRED from Mygameballs. Thanks for the memories, the people I've met, and the over thousand balls I've gotten!

11/7/2017 9:57 PM

Coast to coast and close to 13,000 miles on the road. Twelve new stadiums and a total of 78 balls. Not bad.

11/6/2017 10:06 AM

I snag baseballs

11/2/2017 9:59 PM

1 baseball August 5th 2017 Camden yards

10/30/2017 12:12 PM

I snagged a ball at the World Series. That is all. (:

10/30/2017 12:03 PM

#600 at Petco Park Aug 14, 2017..........#101 for 2017 at Dodger Stadium and on the fly.

10/25/2017 8:42 AM

I am the greatest. Try beating this... you can't. Fantastic! Unreal! Cool! Killer!

10/16/2017 12:42 AM

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