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Unbelievable! Hample Snags 32 Balls at Kauffman

Legendary Ballhawk Beats Career Record

In a record-breaking performance, Zack Hample snagged 32 balls at KaufmanStadium, beating his previous career-high of 28. Hample, 31, outsnagged his age for the first time in his ballhawking career."I'd have to say it's pretty rare for anyone to out-snag their age," Hample remarked on his blog.

After surpassing the 20 mark at the very end of the night, Hample decided he wasn't quite done. In a daring move, he ventured into a gap between the bleachers and the center field wall, grabbing 11 balls before sprinting out of the stadium. Hample's blog details this incredible experience. "If I got arrested and thrown in jail, that wouldn't have been good, but it's not like I'd be running out onto the field or vandalizing any property," he wrote. "It was just about the balls. And about the charity. And about doing something daring. And about breaking my one-game record!"

Read all about this amazing performance on Zack Hample's Blog

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