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Padre Leigh Snags Second Gamer of the Season

PETCO Park Ballhawk Tracks Clint Barmes Homer Perfectly, Makes Catch on the Fly

San Diego Tribune

Barratt (right side with baseball glove) denied the requests of fans nearby to throw the ball back.

Leigh Barratt (PadreLeigh) snagged his 18th lifetime game home run last night at PETCO Park, and for the first time he got to share the experience with his daughter Leeza. "I was very happy to have her there," said Barratt, who made a clean catch of Clint Barmes' seventh-inning homer.

It was his second gamer of the season in 27 games, and as the All-Star break approaches his ballhawking skills are definitely reaching mid-season form. Barratt skillfully tracked the trajectory of Barmes' long fly, correctly judging that it would land in the third row and quickly navigating a railing and some steps to get into position.

Once he found the right spot, the catch wasn't too difficult. "There were a couple of hands in there, but all I basically had to do was catch it," he said. Nevertheless, his snag caught the attention of some newspaper photographers and a photo appeared in this mornings' San Diego Tribune.

The aftermath of Barratt's snag was typical for a homer snagged off the bat of the opposing team. "There were a bunch of people chanting 'Throw it back', but I wasn't about to," he said. "A security person came down and told me he would eject me if I did throw it back. I assured him I wouldn't."

Baratt's season tickets are bringing a lot of good luck this season. Still not even halfway through the season, Barratt and his seatmate Kathleen Lowe have combined for four game home run balls.

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