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Mannywood Lights Up Dodger Stadium With 100th Ball

Jose Mannywood, AKA Jose Being Manny, Reaches Personal Milestone

For Dodger fans this summer, there have been two Mannys present whenever they make a trip to Dodger Stadium. There is the Manny on the field, the power-hitting outfielder who everybody knows. But in the bleachers, another Manny has been making his presence known. This is none other than Jose Mannywood, a talented Ballhawk and Manny Ramirez look-alike known simply as "Jose Being Manny".

Decked out in full Manny attire, Mannywood has attended nearly every Dodgers game this season, snagging 100 balls in the process. His 100th ball came this past Saturday on a ball thrown from the Dugout by Matt Kemp. Kemp has been particularly generous to Mannywood this season, hooking him up with 4 thrown balls and 4 batted balls.

Mannywood currently sits at 9th place on the 2009 Leaderboard, but could easily climb his way toward the top as he continues to hit Dodger Stadium on a regular basis. He currently has a streak of 46 consecutive games with at least one ball. His game-high came on his first game of the season, when he snagged 7 balls.

Mannywood has been documenting his Ballhawking season with lots of colorful photos that he has posted on Currently, visitors to his page can browse through 31 photos, many of which he has enhanced with close-up views of the ball as well as descriptions of how he got it.

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