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Shag Daddy Snags ARod's 607th Homer

Yankee Slugger Deposits First-Inning Homer in the Camden Yards Bullpen, Ben Huff Scores the Toss-Up

sfdiamondgirl/ Ben Huff

Huff now owns a home run ball hit by the man who may end up breaking the all-time record.

As of this morning, there are just 538 baseballs in existence that mark a home run greater than number 600 in a player's career. Member Ben Huff now owns one of those baseballs.

Huff, AKA Shag Daddy, took a seat near the bullpens in left-center at Camden Yards on Friday night, hoping to get a shot at a home run ball that landed in the pen. In fact, he even told his buddy Tim Anderson that he was positioning himself for an ARod home run ball. He was quickly forced to leave that location due to the swelling crowd, but that didn't stop from racing back over when his prediction turned true.

Sure enough, Alex Rodriguez launched his 607th career home run into the bullpen in the first inning, and Huff quickly arrived at the scene. "I jumped over a row and darted for the opening in the bullpen," he said. "I asked the people in those seats to move over and let me by and sure enough I asked Alfredo Simon for Alex Rodriguez's 607th career home run and he tossed it to me as a very attractive Yankee fan was trying to jump on my back to get it. I walked back to my seat smiling with #607 in the palm of my hand."

In a recent column ranking the 20 most valuable balls on, ARod's 591st home run -- snagged by Robert Clinton last season -- was ranked number 6, so Huff's snag is clearly one of the most valuable on the website. And as ARod climbs the leaderboard towards the all-time home run record, it's value will continue to increase.

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