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Play of the Week! Calabro Makes Diving Snag

Mike357 Lays Out on the Pavement for Carl Crawford Foul Ball

Orlando Ballhawk Mike Calabro's intensity in going after foul balls oftentimes surpasses that of the players on the field. Putting his body on the line, Calabro won a hard-fought battle for a foul ball at Tropicana Field Sunday night, capturing his 3rd game ball of the regular season . His 3 regular season game balls along with his 16 game balls from Spring Training stack up well against even the most elite Ballhawks.

Sunday's foul ball definitely didn't come easy. To begin with, Calabro and his dad got kicked out of their seats, forcing them to head down to the concourse. As they walked along the walkway behind the lower third base seats, Carl Crawford hit a line drive foul ball right in their direction. "My dad and I stoped talking as the ball was heading strait at us," he said. "We had our gloves in the same place so that caused the ball to tip off one of our gloves and bounced and rolled into the walk way."

Calabro didn't want this opportunity to pass him by, and he knew he had to really battle if he wanted the ball. "There was a guy walking to his seats going right for it so i knew i had to react fast," he said. " i ran a few steps and dove on the ground and grabbed the ball before he could get his hands on it."

This fan in particular wasn't too happy, but others around him appreciated Calabro's ballhawking ability. "The other fans around us said it was a nice play," he said.

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