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McCutchen is a Ballhawk's Best Friend

Most Ballhawk-Friendly Player in 2010 Dishes Out 28 Toss-Ups During Season

Erik Jabs' Blog

Ballhawks at PNC Park flocked to McCutchen whenever he completed his warm-up throws or made a third-out catch.

Although there's still plenty of baseball left this season, the title of Baseball's most Ballhawk-Friendly player in 2010 can officially be announced. Pirates' outfielder Andrew McCutchen generously hooked up members with a total of 28 toss-ups this season, beating out bullpen catcher Heberto Andrade's second-place total of 23 and finishing the regular season with over 20 more toss-ups than anyone who's currently competing in the playoffs.

Interesting, 27 of McCutchen's 28 toss-ups were issued during the game, while only one was issued during batting practice or pre-game warm-ups. A fan favorite at PNC Park, he regularly turned towards the crowd from his position in centerfield and tossed warm up balls and third-out balls into the bleachers.

Erik Jabs was the most common recipient of McCutchen's toss-ups, recording a total of 11 during the season. Nick Pelescak also finished with double-digit McCutchen balls in 2010, snagging a total of 10. Zac Weiss was third with five McCutchen snags, followed by Ian Weir and Ballhawk Shawn with one apiece.

McCutchen and Andrade were the only players to issue more than 20 toss-ups this year, and were followed by Hisanori Takahashi (16), Evan Meek (14), Chris Perez (14), Joel Hanrahan (12), Ross Ohlendorf (12), Mike Pelfrey (12), and Jason Phillips (12). Last year's most Ballhawk-Friendly player, Livan Hernandez, finished this year in 14th place with nine toss-ups.

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