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For Ballhawks, Dunn is 2010's Top Coach

Orioles' Bullpen Coach, A Fan-Favorite in Baltimore, Finishes the Year With 15 Toss-Ups

Assuming Dunn stays with the Orioles in 2011, he'll have plenty of opportunities to defend his crown as Most Ballhawk-Friendly coach.

From a ballhawk's perspective, MLB coaches and managers are a mixed bag. Some of them pretty much ignore the fans entirely, while others are more than happy to reward enthusiastic fans with toss-ups. This season, for the first time, kept track of toss-ups from coaches, establishing a clear record of which coaches are ballhawk-friendly and which ones are not.

So who was 2010's most Ballhawk-Friendly Coach? His name is Alan Dunn, the bullpen coach for the Baltimore Orioles, and during the season he dished out a total of 15 toss-ups to myGameBalls members. Dunn, who just completed his third season with the Orioles after 15 seasons in the Cubs' organization, was a go-to guy for toss-ups of batting practice balls.

13 of his 15 toss-ups came during BP, while the other two came after the game. Ten were tossed up at his home ballpark of Camden Yards, while five were tossed up away from home. A total of eight different members were on the receiving end of balls thrown by Dunn.

Tim Anderson led all members with five Dunn toss-ups, followed by Zevi (oriolesmagic) with three, Matt Jackson with two, and Zack Hample, Avi M, Ben Huff, Mateo Fischer, and Greg Barasch who had one apiece.

Dunn finished the season with six more toss-ups than the second-place coach, Glenn Hoffman of the Padres who finished with nine. Behind Hoffman were Luis Dorante (6), Marcus Hanel (5), Rick Kranitz (5), John Wetteland (5), Carlos Garcia (4), Juan Nieves (4), Ray Searage (4), and Mark Strittmatter (4).

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