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Ballhawk Shawn Chases Down HR Ball

Scales Two Fences in Pursuit of Towering Shot Hit by Adam Dunn at Miller Park

At Wrigley Field, any ball hit completely out of the stadium is gobbled up by the Ballhawks waiting there to claim it. But if a ball leaves the confines of Miller Park, nobody is staking out the territory behind the seats, so fans in the bleachers actually have a chance to track it down. When Adam Dunn launched a towering homer that landed outside the confines of the stadium on Monday Night, Ballhawk Shawn took full advantage of the opportunity, using speed, agility, and strength to conquer any obstacle that stood in his way.

"I knew the ball was coming my way," Shawn wrote on his blog. "I just didn't know how far it was going. It was a moon-shot...I saw it sail over my head and out of the stadium, and I was off!" Wasting no time, Shawn jumped a fence and sprinted in the direction of the ball. "I'm pretty sure I jumped over a small child and juked someone on my way to the door. I never slowed down, I almost pushed the door off the hinges."

Finding an empty concourse, Shawn frantically searched for the ball. Luckily, the crowd in the stadium was watching and gave him some assistance. "Astonishingly, the entire RF concourse that overlooks the parking lot was giving me directions!" he wrote.

The crowd pointed him towards the ball, and Shawn zeroed in on it. "I scan the bushes, and lo-and-behold, the ball was lying under an evergreen bush. I (effortlessly) scale another fence, and pick myself up Adam Dunn's 304th career home run, my 8th career game home run," he wrote, also noting that the ball was 6th of the game.

Despite attempts from the crowd to get him to throw it back, Shawn kept the ball and after the game was able to obtain Dunn's autograph on the ball.

For a full report on this incredible snag, check out Shawn's Blog

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