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Faraguna Voted 2010 Junior Ballhawk of the Year

New York Ballhawk is the Overwhelming Selection of Voters After 149-Ball Season

Joe Faraguna's Blog

The 2010 Junior Ballhawk of the Year, Joe Faraguna

In a landslide, New York ballhawk Joe Faraguna was voted 2010's Junior Ballhawk of the Year. He earned 12 first place votes, 3 second place votes, and 4 third place votes for a total of 46 points, surpassing the second-highest point total by 32 points.

Finishing the season with the 9th-highest season total (149), Faraguna also recorded the second-highest single-game average at 7.45 balls per game. When compared against junior ballhawks (under 18 years old), Faraguna's stats are even more impressive. Among junior ballhawks, he finished first in total balls (149), first in average (7.45), sixth in game balls (2), first in single-game high (14), and first in double-digit games (5).

Faraguna's 2010 highlights include snagging 14 balls at Citi Field on two separate occasions, snagging 13 balls at Chase Field, snagging the first two foul balls of his career, and finishing the season with a streak of 16 consecutive games with at least five balls.

Following Faraguna in the voting were Tim Anderson (14 points), Anthony and William Engels (12 points), Todd and Tim Cook (12 points), Ben Huff (8 points), Jake Shuster (8 points), Mike Calabro (7 points), and Mateo Fischer (7 points). Here's the complete results:

jfaraguna 123446
gu3 06214
twins47 40012
cooknsonbats 22212
bhuff 2028
thekid 1138
mike357 1207
fischerm 0317
clifeddens 1025
aaronk 0215
jonesy67 0124
alexk 1003
andrewb 1003
dannyz 1003
ijwballhawk 1003
jona 1003
rossfink 1003
cubs1945 0113
angel 0113
17rockies12 0102
ald92195 0102
balllhawkk 0102
mattlfp311 0102
mvanholl 0102
oriolesmagic 0102
orow24 0022
admin 0011
bigmo23 0011
dodgersfan 0011
jherb21 0011
poway51 0011
tylerw 0011

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