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Hample Snags Homer, Foul Ball in Single Game

New York Ballhawk Scores Both in One Game For the First Time in His Career

Hample celebrates his home run snag as several beer-drinking fans look on.

It's hard to believe that there are any "firsts" that Zack Hample has yet to accomplish. But coming into 2011, his 22nd season as a ballhawk, Hample was still trying to pull off his first ever game in which he snagged both a game home run and a foul ball.

Last Wednesday at Camden Yards, he finally accomplished this extremely difficult feat. The first of the two big snags came in the fourth inning when Alex Avila sent a homer flying over Hample's head in the right field flag court. Hample, along with a pack of intoxicated fans, raced towards the ball and a wild scramble ensued. A few seconds later, he emerged from the pack with the ball in hand, and also with a gigantic beer stain on his shirt and pants.

Hample quickly switched gears and began focusing on snagging a foul ball. In the ninth inning, he struck gold when he pounced a foul ball that had deflected off some fans. And with that snag he was able to cross another item off his list of lifetime goals.

After four games Hample leads all ballhawks with 33 balls and an 8.25 balls per game average. He is also the first ballhawk to snag a game home run this season.

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