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Schulstad Scores Big on First Snag of 2011

Seattle Ballhawk Starts Off With a Bang, Tracks Down Milton Bradley Foul Ball

John Schulstad

It took Schulstad just one inning of baseball to snag his first game-used baseball of the season.

Seattle Ballhawk John Schulstad didn't need much time to warm up this season. The 18 year-old Mariners fan was recently attending his first game of the season at Safeco Field when a first-inning foul ball found its way into his section behind home plate.

Having not snagged any BP balls, the foul ball hit by Milton Bradley was literally his first ball snagged on the year. Schulstad was able to track it down and snag it on the fly, looking like a well-seasoned ballhawk in front of the Seattle crowd. "I was on the aisle, so I ran Under it like a wide receiver, and caught it," he said. "It was probably 7 rows up from my seat."

It was Schulstad's second career foul ball, and 56th lifetime ball.

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