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Pelescak Outreaches Jabs, Snags Jayson Werth Homer

Pittsburgh Ballhawk Makes Clean Catch Just Over the Outstretched Arm of Last Season's Top Ballhawk

Nick Pelescak's blog

Pelescak hangs out at the spot where he snagged the Werth home run.

"This is the game time home run situation that you don't want to have with a good friend," Pittsburgh ballhawk Nick Pelescak wrote on his blog. The situation he was referring to was a home run ball hit directly in between himself and a friend who had an equal enthusiasm for snagging it. The good friend he was referring to was fellow ballhawk Erik Jabs.

It was the top of the 4th at PNC Park when Pelescak stopped to chat with Jabs in the left field bleachers. In mid-conversation, Jayson Werth ripped a home run right at them. "There was no time to consider anything else but making a play on the ball," he wrote. "With Erik being taller than me, I was unsure if I could out jump him so I just stayed where I was and planned on jumping. The ball seemed to sail just enough over Erik, and with a full extension I made the clean catch of Jayson Werths 123rd career hr, and 3rd of the season."

As expected, the raucus bleacher crowd wasn't too excited about a homer hit by the visiting Nationals. "I got a real nice round of boos, and chants to throw it back," wrote Pelescak. "I smiled, and decided to get out of the area."

It was Pelescak's 6th lifetime game home run, and first of the season.

Read more about Nick Pelescak's home run snag on his blog.

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