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McCoy Reaches Triple Digits in 2009

Angel Stadium Ballhawk Snags Over 80 of the 100 Balls off the Bat

Veteran Ballhawk Rob McCoy (sn=bbshagger) recently became the 10th myGameBalls member to reach the 100 mark in 2009, but his season stats are quite different from the others. Neglecting toss-ups and ball retrievers, McCoy's 2009 collection consists almost entirely of batting practice homerun balls. In fact, of his first 100 balls, 84 of them were batting practice home runs.

"My passion and specialty I guess is to catch and/or retrieve homeruns," said McCoy, who currently has 88 BP home runs balls on the year. He is so focused on BP homers that the goal of reaching 100 of them for the season is a bigger milestone for him than 100 overall.

Nevertheless, the 100th overall ball does have some significance. It came on July 29th at Angel Stadium on a towering BP home run hit by Victor Martinez that sailed over everybody's head. "I chased after it along with 2 or 3 others and was lucky to get it," he said. " was going to roll down the aisle away from me but hit a seat which allowed me to scoop it up before it got away. Glad it did though cuz it wound up keeping me from being shutout that day."

McCoy, from Brea, California, has attended nearly every Angels' game this season, averaging 2.48 balls per game. He primarily hangs out in the right field bleachers, where he has snagged 94 balls. Interestingly, Chris P (sn=cjpyankee) is close on his heels with 92 balls in that very same location.

Besides getting his 100th hit ball of the year, McCoy's other goal is to surpass his previous season high of 126 balls. In his career, McCoy has snagged 625 balls, putting him in 6th place on the lifetime leaderboard.

Check out Rob McCoy's complete collection on his Member Page

- The photo shown is courtesy of Matthew Jackson -

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