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Peck Snags 100th Ball, Begins Snagging For Charity

Seattle Ballhawk Snags Milestone Ball on Jason Phillips Toss-Up, Starts Two Ballhawking Fundraisers

Wayne Peck

Peck poses with his 100th career baseball, snagged at Oakland Coliseum.

Wayne Peck spent the majority of last season ballhawking in St. Louis, but this season he's made himself a new home at Safeco Park in Seattle. He's adjusted quite well to his new home stadium, but it was Oakland Coliseum, not Safeco, that recently became the site of his first major ballhawking milestone.

Peck snagged his 100th career baseball in Oakland on April 2 on an in-game toss-up from Mariners' bullpen catcher Jason Phillips. Phillips had been warming up future Hall of Famer Ichiro Suzuki prior to tossing the ball up to Peck.

Now confident in his status as a veteran ballhawk, Peck has decided to devote his snagging skills to a charitable cause. He's recruited people to pledge money for every ball he snags this season, with the proceeds going to Red Cross to help with disaster relief in Japan. He's also started a second fundraiser, this one raising money for the Humane Society.

Peck has an exciting season of ballhawking planned, and he hopes to recruit even more pledges through his online campaign.

Check out Wayne's Peck's fundraisers Here and Here, and take some time to visit his Blog.

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