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Hat Trick! Hample Snags Three Fouls in One Game

Baltimore Crowd Goes Wild as Elite Ballhawk Makes Three Snags on the Fly, Including Two Back-to-Back

Zack Hample's Blog

All three of Hample's foul balls were snagged on the fly.

Anyone who watched the Orioles-Mariners game on TV last Thursday night was wondering why a roar was coming from the crowd after a seemingly insignificant foul ball hit off the bat of Chone Figgins. The cameras panned over to the seats on the first base side and the announcers informed the audience that a fan had just caught back-to-back foul balls on the fly. Anyone familiar with ballhawking immediately recognized that fan as none other that Zack Hample.

And for those unfamiliar with ballhawking, Zack Hample quickly became a household name. Especially after the fifth inning, when Matt Wieters fouled one back and Hample snagged it, giving him three foul balls in a single game.

He was interviewed by and several radio stations, and countless fans came over to meet him and snap a photo with him. "It was insane, and I loved every second of it," Hample later wrote on his blog.

Visit Zack Hample's blog for the full report

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