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Victory! Faraguna Runs Away With Week 17 Prize

Young Ballhawk Earns Ballhawk League Victory With 18-Ball Week

The competition in Erik Jab's Ballhawk League is intense, but nevertheless the veteran Ballhawks in the group often take the time to offer a few pointers to the younger ballhawks. Joe Faraguna (sn=JFaraguna), winner of Week 17, owes a lot of his recent success to his time spent learning the tricks of the trade from none other than Zack Hample. "Joe has been an apprentice of Zack Hample's at several games this season, and it's paying off," remarked Ballhawk League Commishioner Erik Jabs on his blog. "His ballhawking prowess has greatly increased from the beginning of the season."

With a total of 18 balls over 3 games, Faraguna ran away with the victory, finishing the week with a 7-ball cushion over the 2nd place competitor. The 18 balls included 3 Hit balls and 15 Thrown balls.

The week brought many memorable moments for Faraguna, which he recounts on his blog. One in particular was getting a commemorative ball at Oriole Park at Camden Yards. Thrown by coach Terry Crowley, the ball was a great addition to his growing collection. "IT WAS COMMEMORATIVE! YES!!" he wrote. "It was just my second yankee one of the year, and the other one I had gotten was scuffed up. The logo on this one was nearly perfect."

Not surprisingly, Faraguna is a big fan of Camden Yards. "Camden Yards was soooo good for snagging," he wrote. "I might have had double digits if I weren't extremely tired from running around the days before, and if I had different choices on where to stand in bp." He is certainly not alone in his love of the park - it is almost universally recognized as one of the most Ballhawk-friendly stadiums in the league.

Check out Joe Faraguna's blog to stay up to date on his latest Ballhawking adventures.

For a full report on Week 17, visit Erik Jab's Blog

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