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Weiss Snags 100th Career Baseball

Pittsburgh Ballhawk Snags Easter Egg to Achieve Milestone, Then Decides to Start Fundraiser

Zac Weiss

Weiss poses with his 100th baseball that he got signed by Matt Kemp of the Dodgers.

Pittsburgh ballhawk Zac Weiss snagged his 100th career baseball last week at PNC Park, and after reaching the first major milestone of his ballhawking life he's ready to start giving a little something back.

"I will start snagging for charity in June," he declared, excited about the possibility of contributing to a worthy cause. "It will be a beta test of sorts for next season, but of course all proceeds will go to charity. People also in addition to making a pledge per ball can also make one cumulative donation."

Weiss has announced that his charity of choice will be The Children's Institute, a non-profit group that helps children who lag behind their peers physically and/or academically. He's hoping to quickly spread the word and gain lots of pledges, and his goal is to snag 128 balls this season. If he keeps snagging at his current pace, he could be able to present his charity with a big check at the end of the season.

As for the details of his 100th snag, it was somewhat anti-climatic, but still very gratifying. Upon seeing fellow ballhawks Erik Jabs and Nick Pelescak move towards the right field bleachers, he slipped in behind them to the center field seats. He was there all alone, sitting on 99 baseballs and hoping for an epic snag for the milestone ball. As he looked around, however, he quickly spotted what would become his 100th ball, laying unclaimed on the ground. He picked it up and immediately felt the satisfaction of reaching triple digits. "Not really a memorable catch to be honest, but a snag is a snag," he remarked.

"It has been a fun ride chasing down 100 plus baseballs, and each baseball snagged adds to my confidence," he said. In a submission to, Weiss wanted to publicly thank those who have helped him achieve his milestone. Here are his acknowledgements, in his own words:

  1. My parents, for putting up with this and understand. Last year they were skeptical about ballhawking and this year they are all excited about it, always calling me to see how many I have snagged.
  2. Erik Jabs and Zack Hample for getting me into ballhawking. Zack Hample's two snags at Old Yankee Stadium was probably what got me started in this, and then Erik's ballhawking league was what encouraged me to start chasing down these baseballs.
  3. Pittsburgh ballhawks for making me earn every last one of my snags.
  4. Also want to thank Alan for the great website and the ballhawking community for their competiton and kind words.

Visit Zac's blog to read more about his ballhawking season and learn about his fundraiser

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