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Glove Trick Featured on Live Broadcast

Thousands Watch From Home as John Schulstad Reels in Ball From Bullpen

John Schulstad

The broadcast showed a continuous close-up of Schulstad's glove as he worked to get the ball lodged within it.

Ballawks routinely get on TV after snagging a game home run, but rarely do their less significant accomplishments, like retrieving a ball via the glove trick, make it into a live broadcast.

For a minute or so on the night of June 28, however, the glove trick took center stage in a broadcast of a Mariners game at Safeco Field. Seattle ballhawk John Schulstad was attempting to retrive a ball from the bullpen with his glove trick when the cameras found him and zeroed in.

The announcers got quite a kick out of the innovative ball-retrieving device and carried on for about half a minute as they watched Schulstad attempt the snag. One announcer described the glove trick as "American ingenuity at its best."

Schulstad and his buddy Max Van Hollebeke have posted the video on YouTube. Click here to watch the Glove Trick's 30 seconds of fame

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