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Briggs Snags First Career Foul Ball

San Francisco Ballhawk Plays Carom Perfectly on Ball Hit By Orlando Hudson

Kyle Briggs

Briggs' first career foul ball, nestled inside his mitt.

Bay area ballhawk Kyle Briggs is quite familiar with some of the country's most popular tourist destinations. He hails from the San Francisco area, recently visited San Diego, and snagged his first career foul ball off the bat of a guy named Orlando.

Catching a game with his family at PETCO Park on July 14, Briggs failed to snag a single ball during batting practice but remained hopeful as he settled into his seat on the third base side. But even as the game entered the ninth inning with the Padres ahead 1-0, he still hadn't snagged a baseball.

The Giants tied the game on a dramatic home run by Aubrey Huff, setting the stage not only for an exciting extra-innings game but also for Briggs' first ever foul ball snag. Padres' closer Heath Bell was replaced by Sergio Romo, who soon would face Orlando Hudson.

Hudson sliced a ball to the left side where the ball struck a sound speaker on the third deck. Briggs all the while was standing in the aisle hoping to get a friendly carom.

"I moved a few steps closer to the railing and stuck my glove out to the spot where I thought it might go," Briggs recounted later. "I kept waiting for it to hit my arm or wrist because there was no way I was going to catch a foul ball! It did hit something, it hit my mitt and made the best thud that I have heard in a long time."

Still a relatively new ballhawk, Briggs was able to snag his first career foul ball just a month after reaching 10 total lifetime balls.

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