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McCoy Makes Clean Catch of Bourjos Homer

Los Angeles Ballhawk Makes Leaping Grab For First Career On-the-Fly Home Run Snag

Matt Jackson

McCoy displays the Bourjos home run ball, his first ever snagged on the fly.

Los Angeles ballhawk Rob McCoy ended batting practice on a high note before the August 3rd game at Angels Stadium by snagging a Joe Mauer homer on the fly. Little did he know that the Mauer snag would not be the highlight of his evening.

During the game McCoy snagged a Peter Bourjos home run on the fly for his third career game home run and first ever on the fly.

"It was pretty slick," remarked fellow L.A. ballhawk Matt Jackson. "He jumped, caught it on the fly, and then did a cool fist pump."

According to McCoy, however, there wasn't much to it. "This one was hit pretty much right at me," he said. "At first I thought it might go over my head so I was ready to step up onto a seat but it hooked down towards me just a little and I was able to make a clean catch with just a little jump."

Interestingly, McCoy was in the concessions line just moments before the homer, returning to his seat only because the line was too long and he the announcement that Bourjos was coming to bat. "Turned out to be a good call," he said.

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