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Madden Snags First Career Foul Ball

Thirteen Year Old From New York Chases Down Marco Scutaro Foul Ball at Rogers Centre

Jon Madden

If you look closely at the ball, you can see the skid mark where it hit the seats.

It's September and we're talking about Jon Madden -- It must be football season, right? Well yes it is football season, but there's actually another Jon Madden making news.

The Jon Madden we're talking about today is 13 years old, from New York, and an up-and-coming player on the ballhawking scene. Last week Madden achieved the first major milestone of his ballhawking career by snagging his first ever foul ball at an MLB game.

The venue was the Rogers Centre in Toronto, and the batter was Marco Scutaro. In the fifth inning he ripped a line drive into the seats down the third base line where Madden was patiently waiting for a ball to come his way.

"The ball landed a row and about eight seats to my right," he said. "Luckily, it wedged perfectly in the seat and I was able to grab onto it. Someone else also grabbed onto it,but I was clearly there first."

The other fan, an adult, surrendered the battle when Madden proclaimed that he was there first. And just like that, Madden held in his hand his first career foul ball.

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