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FlavaDave Snags Granderson Foul Ball

Baltimore Ballhawk Plays Carom to Grab Seventh Foul Ball of the Year

Dave Stevenson

This beautiful white pearl marked FlavaDave's 250th ball of the season.

Curtis Granderson wasn't on anybody's radar in the months leading up to the 2011 baseball season, but out of nowhere Granderson has put up huge numbers and established himself as one of the top players in the league. In the ballhawking world, the same could be said of Baltimore ballhawk Dave "FlavaDave" Stevenson, who was unknown last year but this year has snagged 272 balls, fifth among all ballhawks.

These two success stories came together last week when Granderson pulled a foul ball into the seats along the first base line at Camden Yards and the ball ended up in FlavaDave's glove. Including Spring Training, it was Stevenson's seventh foul ball snag of the season.

The ball was a line drive that sailed over Stevenson's head and bounced back towards him. He turned, ranged slightly to his right, and made the snag.

"If I wasn't paying attention, it would have probably hit me in the head," he remarked. "Just goes to show you how you need to keep track of any ball that sails over you, because if it hits a seat, it can go anywhere, including right to you."

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