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Barratt Snags Fourth Career Foul Ball

San Diego Ballhawk Plays the Bounce, Grabs Game Ball Hit by Jesus Guzman

Leigh Barratt

Barratt's daughter enthusiastically shows off the foul ball.

San Diego ballhawk Leigh Barratt prefers the left field bleachers and doesn't venture into foul territory too often, so it's no surprise that he's snagged only a handful of foul balls in his long ballhawking career. Last Friday he traded his normal seat in left for a spot near the Padres' dugout, and the move paid off as he snagged his fourth career foul ball.

"It felt real good to finally get some kind of gamer this year," he said. "I haven't been to as many games as normal for various reasons."

The snag required a good bit of ballhawking skill, combined with a little luck. Jesus Guzman fouled off a ball over Barratt's head in the first inning, prompting Barratt to turn and make a move up the aisle for it. He got as far as about the 12th row and watched as the ball landed on the main concourse, hit a seat, and bounced directly too him. He reached up and made the easy catch.

"I played it cool," he remarked. "Like I've been there before."

Barratt, who has snagged 17 career game home runs, hasn't snagged a single game home run this year but is hoping to get on the board in the season's final week of play.

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