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Andrade Most Ballhawk-Friendly Coach of 2011

Pirates' Bullpen Coach Issues Website-Leading 35 Toss-Ups During the Season

Nick Pelescak's Blog

Andrade was a constant presence in the outfield grass during batting practice.

If you're visiting PNC Park and are looking to bring home a souvenier baseball, look no further than number 86. He's Pirates' bullpen catcher Heberto Andrade, and this season he's thrown more toss-ups to myGameBalls members than any other coach in the league.

Andrade finished the season with 35 toss-ups, almost double that of the second-place coach, Orioles' pitching coach Rick Adair. The prime recipient of Andrade toss-ups was Pittsburgh ballhawk Nick Pelescak, who snagged 20 of the 35 tosses.

While the majority of his toss-ups came at PNC Park, Andrade was also generous on the road. He issued toss-ups to myGameBalls members at Citi Field, Progressive Field, and PNC Park.

Rounding out the Top five coaches this year behind Andrade and Adair were Luis Silverio (11), Euclides Rojas (10), Mark Strittmatter (9).

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