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Perez Most Ballhawk-Friendly Player of 2011

Indians' Pitcher Leads All Players With 24 Toss-Ups During the Season

Perez has developed a love for delivering baseballs to lucky recipients in the crowd.

"People often ask me which players are the best to ask for baseballs," Zack Hample wrote on his blog after an Indians/White Sox game back in September. "[Chris] Perez is one of them."

In 2011, Indians pitcher Chris Perez was the best.

Perez led all MLB players this season with 24 baseballs thrown to myGameBalls members. What's most impressive about his total is that boasts just five members from Cleveland and those five have snagged less than 30 combined balls. So while Perez certainly took care of his hometown fans in Cleveland, he also regularly hooked up fans on the road. In all Perez issued toss-ups in Kansas City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Arizona, Baltimore, and Chicago.

Garrett Meyer, a ballhawk from Kansas City, is another big fan of Perez and took some time to praise him in a comment on Hample's blog. "He is super friendly and throws lots of baseballs, but he always throws HARD to older guys with gloves. It's fun!"

Following behind Perez on the list of top players this year are 2009's Most Ballhawk-Friendly Player Livan Hernandez (20), 2010's Most Ballhawk-Friendly Player Andrew McCutchen (18), Ronnie Deck (18), Dillon Gee (17), and Jason Phillips (17).

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