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Cooks Defend Scavenger Hunt Title

Last Year's Winners Rack Up 88 Points, Successfully Repeat

Todd Cook

Tim and Kellan pose for a bonus photo at Citi Field.

Todd Cook, along with sons Tim and Kellan, once again dominated the field to win the second annual Photo Scavenger Hunt, defending their title with an 88-point performance out of a possible 130 points. The Cooks, winners of a $50 MLB gift card, racked up points throughout the year and left only a few contest items unphotographed.

"The 2011 Scavenger Hunt was a lot harder than the 2010 hunt, which resulted in a few pictures left at the end of the season," Todd remarked. "But it was, once again, loads of fun. We particularly enjoyed the pictures that involved player interaction (likeself photo and tossing a ball to a player) and the bonus picture option was awesome. Even after the competition, we'll continue collecting those until we have one at every stadium."

Cook and sons' 88 points were more than double the final score of the second place finisher, Mateo Fischer who scored 42 points. Behind Fischer were Zac Weiss (28), Howie (17), and Kyle Briggs (12).

Check out the Scavenger Hunt page to see the full standings along with all photos that were submitted

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