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Sporcic Buys Huge Glove, Snags Garrett Jones Homer

Pittsburgh Ballhawk Scoops Up Home Run Ball at PNC Park With Oversized Glove

Sporcic was captured on camera with his huge glove

Pittsburgh ballhawk Rick Sporcic brought a brand new oversized baseball glove to PNC Park Wednesday night and used the zany piece of ballhawking equipment to snag his first game home run of the season. The home run snag, off the bat of Garrett Jones, came shortly after Sporcic became hooked on Zack Hample's blog.

"I know I probably have a very slim chance of ever matching his ball totals, so I figured I'd read his blogs to learn a few tricks of the trade," he said. "While reading, I noticed a few photos of him with a huge glove. My first thought was holy crap, I need one of those. After searching online for hours, I was able to locate one and immediately ordered it with rush delivery."

The glove arrived just in time for Wednesday's doubleheader, and Sporcic arrived at the park ready to put his new tool to use. When Jones launced his bomb in the 5th inning, he took off.

"I saw the ball leave Jones' bat and knew it was gone, just didn't know how far the ball would carry due to the wind," he said. "Anyways, after standing still for a second, I realized the ball was going to land a few sections to my right so I made a dash for it. Luckily the ball landed in the seating area and did not bounce back onto the field. I was able to get to the ball just in time and scoop it up with my gigantic glove."

Sporcic joins several other ballhawks across the league to employ the gigantic glove while ballhawking. He's off to a great start, so his ballhawking stats in 2012 could end up being just as big as the glove.

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