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Ballhawk Shawn Wins Scramble, Scores Home Run Ball

Milwaukee Ballhawk Snags Game Home Run Ball at Miller Park for First Time Since 2010

Ballhawk Shawn

Sporting his Astros gear, Ballhawk Shawn shows off his newly-snagged game home run ball.

Ballhawk Shawn ended a nearly two year homerless drought at Miller Park by snagging a Jose Altuve home run ball last Tuesday in the right field bleachers. The seasoned ballhawk got his glove on the ball after it caromed onto the field and outfielder Nyjer Morgan tossed it into the crowd.

Ballhawk Shawn and Nick "The Happy Youngster" Yohanek were in the same general location when Morgan picked up the ball, and both ballhawks began screaming for his attention. Morgan tossed it up to no one in particular and a scramble ensued for the ball.

"Nick's glove, my glove and another random set of gloveless of hands all met simultaneously at the tossed balls' apex," Shawn recounted. "I'm not sure who made initial contact with the ball, but I do know who ultimately made the last contact! The ball dropped directly below my out stretched arm, and may have even possibly bounced between my feet. The ball trickled slowly to my left, bouncing off a few chairs and legs. I instantly fell to my knees and smothered the baseball."

For the first time since his memorable summer of 2010, Ballhawk Shawn had successfully snagged a game home run. Breaking the slump was an incredible feeling for the Milwaukee ballhawk.

"The feeling of relief and exuberance I felt at that exact moment is indescribable," he said. "For comparisons' sake, I'd say it's something like a runners high. I instantly pounded my fists into the concrete in celebration, thanked the Lord, stood up and uttered but one word: 'Finally'."

Confusion ensued for some time after the snag when it was mistakenly stated that the ball was Altuve's first career homer. It was actually his third, so unfortunately Shawn didn't get any of the special perks that can come with catching a player's first homer.

Regardless, Ballhawk Shawn is off to a great year, currently with 29 balls in 2012.

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