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Thirteen Year Old Outsnags His Age

Los Angeles Ballhawk Accomplishes Rare Feat, Grabs 16 Balls at PETCO

Jacob basks in the glory of a 16-ball outing.

This past weekend in Los Angeles a ballhawk accomplished the rare feat of outsnagging his age. Jacob, a 13 year old known as "dodgers" on, had a career game at Saturday's Padres/Diamondbacks game, finishing with 16 balls to record the 2nd highest total ever at PETCO Park.

Jacob's 16 balls consisted of 15 toss-ups and one batting practice homer, and also included three third out balls during the game.

"The day was great and I lived it up by giving adults and kids alike tips on snagging balls, which they were truly grateful for," he said. "It was fun being like a Zack Hample for the day."

With such a great performance at such a young age, who knows, maybe Jacob will be like Hample for more than just a day.

Visit Jacob's Member Page to see his complete collection.

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