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Pelescak, Ballhawk Shawn Both Snag Lawrie Homers

Blue Jays Slugger Hits Gamers to Two Members in Same Month

Nick Pelescak's Blog

Pelescak poses with the Lawrie homer, snagged at Turner Field on the fly.

In the span of just a week and a half, Blue Jays phenom Brett Lawrie hit two home runs that found their way into the gloves of members. Pittsburgh's Nick Pelescak and Milwaukee's Ballhawk Shawn, both Top 10 lifetime ballhawks, snagged game balls that may end up being part of a player's long and illustrious career.

Pelescak, visiting Turner Field in Atlanta, made a clean catch on a scorching liner that Lawrie hit into the left field seats on June 10. It was Pelescak's 8th career homer, first at a road stadium, and he was excited that it was hit by a player of Lawrie's caliber. "Lawrie is a monstar, and will be for a long time to come," he blogged. "He is a tatted up, intense, ball of energy. It was amazing to have this go down in the ATL."

Just nine days later, Lawrie's home run power caught up with one of Milwaukee's finest ballhawks, Ballhawk Shawn. Lawrie pounded a homer off the scoreboard and outfielder Carlos Gomez tossed it up to Shawn.

This marked the first time that a single player hit game home runs to two members in the same month.

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