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Sporcic Chases Down Three Gamers

Pittsburgh Ballhawk Makes a Run at the Top of the Home Run Leaders By Snagging 3 Gamers in 3 Weeks

Sporcic is interviewed by a television reporter after snagging the Alvarez homer.

Pittsburgh ballhawk Rick Sporcic is new to the ballhawking scene this year, but he's already challenging the home run output of perennial superstars Tim Anderson and Ballhawk Shawn. Sporcic, known for sporting a gigantic glove while ballhawking, snagged three gamers over the past few weeks to bring his season total to four, just behind the five snagged by Anderson and Shawn.

Sporcic's home run spree got start on a somewhat unusual note on June 21 when he accomplished a rare barehanded snag (off the bounce) of a Pedro Alvarez homer. "The funny part is that I was sitting on the Giant Glove when the ball was hit," he said. "I didn't even have time to put it on. I'm not usually one to attempt barehanded catches, but this one was well worth it."

Sporcic was in Baltimore a week later and kept the hot streak going with a snag of a Johnny Damon home run ball via a toss-up from a member of the Orioles' staff.

Finally this past week in Pittsburgh Sporcic snagged his fourth gamer of the season, another one off the bat of Pedro Alvarez. "I was waiting outside near the Allegheny River with Ballhawk Ian when Pedro crushed a shot to DEEP Right Center," he said. "I spotted the ball in the air and knew for a fact it was coming out so I sprinted towards where I expected it to land and I was rewarded with my second Pedro Alvarez Home Run this season."

Follow Rick Sporcic's ballhawking season on his blog.

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