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McCoy Snags Balls From 2 Stadiums in One Day

bbshagger Hits Angel Stadium by Day, Dodger Stadium by Night

August 8 was a very long day for Los Angeles Ballhawk Rob McCoy (sn=bbshagger), who accomplished a rare feat by snagging balls at two Major League stadiums in the same day. McCoy began the day by snagging a Josh Hamilton batting practice home run ball at Angel Stadium, then raced over the Dodger Stadium to snag 4 more in the Dodgers/Braves night game.

This feat is truly rare in the Ballhawking world for a number of reasons. First, rarely is there a day game and a night game within close enough proximity to make it to both games. Second, there is often no batting practice before day games, making it difficult to snag balls in the early game. Third, if the early game runs long it is difficult to battle the mid-day traffic and make it to the late game early enough to take in batting practice.

From the beginning, however, everything worked out perfectly for McCoy. He arrived at Angel Stadium to find that the visiting Rangers had decided to take BP, and he came away with the Hamilton home run ball. He was actually very lucky that the Rangers took BP, because that was the only ball he got at the game.

McCoy was also helped by the fact that the Angels game didn't run too long. "Since the game ran a normal 3 hours(ended just after 4pm), I knew as long as i didn't hit any traffic i could make it to Dodger Stadium in time for the 5pm gate opening," he said. The timing was right, and McCoy arrived at the stadium just in time.

Dodger Stadium regular Jose Mannywood met up with McCoy and showed him some good spots in the bleachers to snag balls. McCoy eventually made his way over to right field when the Braves came to bat. "This was the time i had been looking forward to the most on my baseball filled day and I was not disappointed," he said. "I wound up with 4 BP homers from the Braves, one each from Garrett Anderson, Adam Laroche, Kelly Johnson, and Nate Mclouth. Couldn't think of a better way to spend a beautiful southern california day."

Webmaster's Note: Have you ever accomplished this feat? Send me a note and tell me about it.

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