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Sanborn Tracks Down Morales Homer

San Francisco Ballhawk Ranges From Foul Territory to Fair Territory, Snags Second Career Gamer

Spencer Sanborn

Sanborn is all smiles after his big home run snag.

Bay Area ballhawk Spencer Sanborn recently accomplished a rarity in the world of ballhawking: he snagged a game home run despite watching the game from a seat in foul territory.

Sanborn was situated down the right field line at Oakland Coliseum when Kendry Morales launced a shot towards the bleachers in right. He took off running down the cross aisle connecting foul territory to fair territory and arrived just as the ball was reaching the crowd. It sailed over his head but caromed back to him and he made the snag on one bounce.

"The moment I grabbed the ball the crowed started booing since I was in full Angels gear," he said. "I decided to have some fun with it -- turned around and took a huge bow which then led to more boos."

It was Sanborn's second career gamer, and he has snagged a total of 139 balls. Ballhawking exclusively at AT&T Park and Oakland Coliseum, this season he's snagged 79.

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