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Padre Leigh Snags WBC Home Run

San Diego Ballhawk Begins 2013 Season With 17th Career Gamer

Barratt triumphantly displays his first home run snag of the Spring.

Last week veteran ballhawk Leigh Barratt planned to head over to Glendale to watch his Padres face off against the White Sox. When some bad weather derailed his plans, however, he ended up at Chase Field to see Italy take on Canada in the World Baseball Classic. Luckily for him, not too many other people had the same idea.

Barratt found himself in a sea of empty seats in the left field bleachers, and he took full advantage. Chris Colabello ripped a homer into the seats, and Barratt jumped on the opportunity to snag a gamer.

"I was lined up on it perfect, but realized it was going to carry over my head," he said. "I figured I would turn around and chase it down, but it took a great hop and came right back to me. Nice and easy. I got some high fives from the ten or so people out there and that was that."

Barratt's souvenier home run ball proved to be a rarity during the first round of WBC play in Phoenix. Only five home runs were hit, and interestingly, Barratt also almost ended up snagging Michael Sanders home run in the Canada/USA game when the ball was tossed up by a bullpen coach.

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