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Four-Peat! Cooks Take Scavenger Hunt Title

Todd, Tim, and Kellan Cook Edge Out Nick Badders, Earn 4th Straight Championship

Cook and Son Bats Blog

The Cooks earned 5 points for this photo during a rain delay.

The Cook Dynasty continued once again this season in the Photo Scavenger Hunt as the Father/Sons team posted the highest total score for the fourth consecutive season. Todd, Tim, and Kellan, who also publish a popular blog, managed to successfully capture 11 out of the 19 possible photos and totalled 73 points.

In the second to last week of the season, the Cooks scored the contest's most difficult photo, a 10-pointer that shows Tim and Kellan appearing on the MLB Network's Intentional Talk program. In addition to this prized photo, they also racked up big points with these other photos:

Todd, Tim, and Kellan also earned a variety of bonus points for snapping photos of their snagged baseballs at various stadiums, and also getting shots of themselves with the career leader at many of the stadiums.

Also getting points in the contest were Nick Badders (56), Kelly Byrnes (28), Larry Larson (14), Michel Audet (9), Jacqui Reynolds (4) and Angel Arroyo (4). Badders in particular should be commended for finishing in a close second and putting pressure on the Cooks throughout the year.

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