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Calabro Snags Third Career Home Run Ball

Florida Ballhawk Runs Down Steve Pearce Homer at the Trop

Calabro was all smiles after securing the gamer.

On 6 May, 2014, Florida ball hawk, and Tropicana Field local Mike357...aka Michael Calabro, was heading to the Trop. that day to have a great time, and snag some baseballs. What he didn't know, was it was about to be a memorable night for him! During batting practice (BP), Mike snagged a few BP baseballs. After BP, Mike headed to left field in hopes of snagging a game home run ball like most of us ball hawks. Mike stated that the crowd was very small, and that he had a great chance to snag a game homer in left field.

It was the top of the the 3rd inning, and Orioles infielder Steve Pearce came up to bat, and launched a "rocket" to left field! Mike stated; "I really wasn't thinking much of it, since he really isn't known for having much power. I was on my phone texting my friend back, when I heard the crack of the bat! So, I look up, and the ball is heading to the the section to the right of me. For some reason, I stood up, and didn't even move much until the ball hit the seats in the section to the right. It landed in a completely empty row, so I sprinted down the row, and barely got to it in time before a guy sitting in the row behind where the ball landed could get it. I actually had to get on all fours to snag it, since the ball was still moving around in the row."

When he got up with the ball in his hand (Victory Celebration), everyone was yelling..."Throw it back...Throw it back"! Mike said, "I obviously wasn't going to do that, so I faked throwing the ball back onto the field; then everyone started booing me! It was great just to mess with everybody, and to see their reactions. After that, I left that section, and headed to right field to try my luck there, but nothing was hit there".

We're glad Mike didn't throw the baseball back, now he has a great souvenir from a very memorable night! Mike now has 3 game home run baseballs, and is in search of more. I'd say as young as Mike is, he has plenty of chances to catch up with many more in the coming years. Great job Mike, we are all routing for you!

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