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Alex K Continues Hot Streak

Wins Ballhawk League Week 20 With 41 Balls, Also Snags Another Foul Ball

Alex K hit the road for Week 20 of the Ballhawk League, traveling to Chicago, Detroit, and Pittsburgh. He returned home with 41 baseballs, his 2nd career foul ball, and a Ballhawk League victory.

Averaging 8.2 balls per game over the 5-game stretch, Alex snagged 8 Hit Balls, 29 Thrown Balls, and 4 Device Balls. For the season, he has now established himself as the leader in Thrown Balls with a League-best 210. Alex has been on a hot streak for the past month or so, winning 3 out of the last 5 weeks in the Ballhawk League.

Fresh off his first ever foul ball just a week earlier, Alex snagged another one at Comerica Park in Detroit on August 20. It happened in the top of the first inning, when Jose Lopez fouled a Jarrod Washburn pitch straight back behind home plate.

"It was going in a high arc to my left, so I ran over there," he wrote on his blog. The ball landed in the second row of seats and trickled down to the first. "It came into view underneath a seat and it started rolling towards me," he wrote. "so I stuck my arm through some metal bars and tried grabbing the ball. I pulled my arm out and in it was my 3rd baseball of the day and 2nd lifetime game ball!"

At a young age Alex continues to make his mark in the Ballhawk world. Already, he possesses the 2nd highest lifetime average on, at 6.26 Balls Per Game.

Check out Alex K's blog to read more about his 2nd career game ball.

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