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Barasch Vacation Turns Into Ballhawk Bonanza

NYC Ballhawk Collects Commemoratives, Hawks Age and Throws out First Pitch in Epic Father-Son Trip

Barasch and his dad pose for a photo outside Dodger Stadium.

While Eric Jabs continues his record breaking pace this year, Greg Barasch has been putting up consistently impressive numbers all season long. Barasch is currently in a close race with Zack Hample for second place on MyGameBalls with nearly 500 balls in 2014. Even more impressive is that Barasch is averaging over 10 balls a game through almost 50 games.

Barasch and his dad Shelly recently completed a very successful vacation to the Golden State. On their itinerary were trips to Los Angeles and San Diego.

Dodger Stadium and Petco Park do not usually equal double digits for west coast ballhawks, but Barasch used a variety of techniques including youth, speed, coordination, catching ability, field access, early BP access, multi-lingual, third out and umpire positioning to haul in 80 balls in 6 games.

During his visit to Petco Park in beautiful downtown San Diego, Barasch collected 11 Petco Park commemoratives, somehow scored field access, played catch with a Petco ball girl and capped it off by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch.

While thoughts of celebrating at Disneyland may enter the minds of some, Barasch would have none of it. The very next day, father and son travelled back up to Los Angeles where on a hot and humid summer day at Dodger Stadium, Barasch had snagged a total of 22 balls after batting practice. Advised by locals that he had a chance to accomplish the rarest of ball hawking feats, hawk his age, Barasch went to work and had his age of 24 balls an hour into the game.

Dad Shelly even showed some skill, catching several balls with a glove that appeared to be much older than son Greg.

Greg and Shelly Barasch took home a few souvenirs this past week, but most importantly spent some quality father and son time at the ballpark that will be treasured long after the balls have lost their luster. Congratulations!

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