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Chris P Celebrates 20th Birthday, Has Huge Week

Wins Ballhawk League Week 21 with 35 Balls, Including 10 On His Birthday

Chris P began the week by celebrating his 20th birthday, and by the end of the next day he had matched his age by snagging 20 total balls in 2 Angel Stadium games. By week's end, he had amassed 35 balls and edged The Happy Youngster to win Ballhawk League Week 21.

Chris attended 5 consecutive games at Angel Stadium, recording 15 Hit Balls and 20 Thrown Balls. He matched his one-game high in each of the first 2 games, snagging 10 balls in both. Chris followed those games with a 7-ball performance on August 27th, 1 ball on the 28th, and 7 more on the 29th.

The 20 Thrown Balls for the week were also best amongst the 22 Ballhawks in the league. These included 2 from Bobby Seay, who became one of Chris's favorite players. Chris posted a special message for Seay on his blog. "BOBBY SEAY you freaking rock dude," he wrote. "Not only do you always hook me up upon request, today you gave one to my girl and two of my other friends in attendance!!! And great inning the other night, they should have left you in. For sure on the top of my list, as well as probably about 15 other lucky recipients of your baseballs today."

The birthday week couldn't have turned out any better for Chris. To sum it all up, he got to see 5 high-quality baseball games featuring the AL-West Leading Angels, have fun with family and friends, enjoy birthday presents and cake, match his career-high for snagging balls, and take home a total of 35 Major League Baseballs en route to his 2nd Ballhawk League victory of the season.

The only downside of the week was that he had to return to school and start studying again.

Check out Chris P's blog to read more about his exciting week.

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