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Alex K Surges Into Third Place

Puts Up Consistently Solid Numbers at Yankee

With consistent performances at New Yankee Stadium, Alex K is making a strong surge in the season standings. Averaging 5.87 Balls Per Game and totaling 141 Balls, Alex is currently in 3rd place in the season standings, with 2nd place not too far off. He currently is maintaining a streak of 24 games with at least 1 Ball.

Alex's recent 7-ball performance at New Yankee Stadium is detailed on his blog. The most memorable moment of the day came as he was trying to get a ball from Blue Jays' player Dirk Hayhurst and a line drive came flying his way. "But smart me, I forgot line-drives carry," he wrote. "I misjudged it. It went off my glove, then off my eyebrow bone, and then onto the field. Dirk saw what happened, retrieved the ball, asked if I was O.K., and then tossed me my 3rd ball."

Read more about Alex K's performance on his Blog

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