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Barratt Battles Back From Injury

Fresh Off the DL, PadreLeigh Snags First PETCO Park Foul Ball

San Diego Ballhawk Leigh Barratt, sidelined by both an injury and a medical condition for over a month, returned to action recently and picked up right where he left off. Still fighting a case of Diverticulitis, Barratt managed to snag his first foul ball of the season Monday night at PETCO Park.

Taking in the game from a seat right behind the Padres dugout, Barratt was more concerned with enjoying his great view than with trying to go for foul balls. In fact, with an important surgery coming up, he didn't want to go after balls too hard and risk injury.

Lucky for him, he didn't have to move too far. Chase Headley hit a chopper over the dugout, directly to Barratt. He made the easy catch, and was dumbfounded by his luck. "I'm trying to take it easy due to my medical condition," he said. "...and, of course, the ball finds me!"

The foul ball, Barratt's first of the season and first ever at PETCO, was his 88th ball of the season. After picking up 4 more balls the next day, his season total now stands at 92. With just a couple Padres home games left, he's hoping to get his 100th ball before the end of the year.

Barratt has had a rough time for the past month, dealing with a rib injury as well as Diverticulitis, a medical condition related to the intestine. The rib injury was particularly painful and was the result of being slammed into by another ballhawk. He has mostly recovered, but says the ribs aren't back to 100% yet. "I'm actually STILL a little sore from that hit," he said. "I feel it mostly when I'm going to sleep and tossing and turning."

The myGameBalls community wishes him a speedy recovery and a successfully upcoming surgery.

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