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Bracco Snags Foul Ball on the Fly

Catches Daniel Murphy Foul Ball at Citi Field

Tony Bracco

Bracco's second foul ball of his career.

A month after snagging his first career foul ball, Tony Bracco did it again. And his latest foul ball snag was in many ways a greater accomplishment than the first. It was at a more difficult venue (Citi Field vs. Nationals Park), the attendance was much higher (37,706), and most importantly, this one was caught on the fly.

It was the ninth inning and Bracco was disappointed at the lack of balls hit into his section during the game. But just as the game was nearing its end, Daniel Murphy sent a foul ball sailing towards Bracco. "It wasn't a pop up and it wasn't exactly a line drive either," he wrote on his blog. "It was kind of in between that so I didn't have much time to react. I jumped out of my seat and instantly made a decision whether to go up or down the aisle. i decided to run up the aisle."

Bracco zeroed in on the ball, slamming into a guard rail in the process. He ignored the pain and kept tracking the flight of the ball. "As I was running through the rows of seats I looked up and saw the ball," he wrote. "At the last second I put my glove up, leaned over the railing, and made the catch."

Adding to Bracco's excitement was the fact that his snag was witnessed by myGameBalls members Greg Barasch and Puck Collector. They both came by to offer their congratulations.

Read the full report on Tony Bracco's blog.

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