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Barratt Snags 100th, Then Gets Another Foul Ball

San Diego Ballhawk Finishes Season With a Solid Final Series at PETCO

Leigh Barratt

Barratt poses with his 100th ball during BP at PETCO Park.

Despite suffering through a brutal injury and a serious medical condition, Leigh Barratt has put together an amazing year as a ballhawk. Last Friday at PETCO Park, Barratt snagged his 100th ball of the year during batting practice and also managed to snag a foul ball during the game. He finished the year with 107 balls, 3 game home runs, and 2 foul balls.

The 100th ball came on a batting practice home run by Edgar Gonzalez. According to Barratt, "I scooped it up off the ground after a Giants fan misplayed the catch and tipped it back right in front of me." With just 2 games left in the season, Barratt had reached his goal of snagging triple-digits in 2009.

Still basking in the glory of his milestone ball, Barratt found himself in just the right location when Adrian Gonzalez fouled off a pitch in the first inning. Barratt had a great front row seat right behind first base, and the ball took a bounce in his direction. "The ball hit the top of the low wall in front of the camera well and popped straight up," he said. "Myself and two other guys went for the ball. I had a glove on and was able to make the catch!"

It was a great way to pad his stats as the regular season came to a close. His total balls were a few hundred shy of the top ballhawks, but his game ball total (7) is very respectable, and of course his game home run total (3) is tops on

All in all, he's very satisfied. "I'm still happy with the number considering everything I've been through this season," he remarked. "Not bad for a 42 year old guy with bad eyes and a tube sticking out of his abdomen!"

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