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Alex K Reaches 300 in Final Game

Big Day at New Yankee Stadium Includes 300th Ball, Single-Game Record

Alex K's Blog

Alex K's 12 Balls On September 30 are reportedly tied for the most at New Yankee Stadium.

Having attended almost 50 games at 9 different stadiums, New York Ballhawk Alex K has had a memorable summer of baseball. And when it all began back in April, he never could have imagined that he would finish off the year with over 300 baseballs.

But that's exactly what happened. Attending the final 2009 regular season game at New Yankee Stadium, Alex set a personal record at that stadium by snagging 12 balls, including his 300th of the season. At the end of the regular season, only Zack Hample and Erik Jabs were ahead of him on the leaderboard.

A true Yankees fan, Alex was determined to get #300 from his hometown team. When the Yankees finished up batting practice and his total was stuck on 299, he frantically tried to find someone who would hook him up with number 300. "I raced over to the dugout and got there in time to see that there was one person who had a ball," he wrote on his blog. "...but I didn't know him. I just asked him for the ball and he rolled it to me across the dugout roof, not the way that I wanted to get it, but a ball is a ball."

After snagging the milestone ball, Alex set his sights on another goal - breaking his record of 11 balls at New Yankee Stadium, set on September 8th, 2009. According to Alex, he had only heard of one ballhawk who had snagged more than that at the new stadium. "I heard of another kid who got 12 on the same day. So maybe I could tie or break that," he wrote.

Sure enough, Alex was able to get in-game toss-ups from Francisco Cervelli and Rusty Kuntz as well as a post-game toss-up from Carlos Rosa to finish the game with 12 balls, tying the record. It was a fitting end to the regular season.

Of course, with the Yankees advancing into the American League Championship Series, he may not be done yet.

Read the full report of Alex K's Last 2009 Regular Season game on his blog.

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